Dear Fellow Agent,

Fact 1: If you are going to be in the real estate business you have to generate leads in some form or another, otherwise you don't have a business. Not only do we have to somehow attract people who want to do business with us, we also have to market properties that we have listed for sale and find properties that our buyers are looking for.

Fact 2: To find people who want to do business with us we have to focus on lead generation... like placing ads, cold calling and door knocking. Most lead generation strategies like placing ads cost money… most of the time a lot of money.

It's not uncommon to too spend thousands of dollars on ads and other lead generating methods and not receive a single call for your efforts. (I still get that sick feeling in my gut when I think about those times) Then there is the alternative cold calling and door knocking.

Most Good Things Are Created From Necessity

Well if you have every cold called for more than an hour than you know how daunting that can be. And door knocking takes a lot of time and energy and may not be a bad idea if you’re looking to get a little exercise but you still have to deal with a lot of rejection.

Fact 3: The cost of ALL media advertising is continually increasing. In my area the newspaper charges $87 to run a simple 4 line ad and display ads cost between $200 - $400. The ad will only last the weekend with no real staying power after that.

There have been times I have spent $500 to run a half page ad and only received 3 calls which by the way resulted in no client. Don’t even get me started on Homes & Land Magazine which I pay from $300 to $600 to run. Now H&L does have some staying power it last on the stands for months and people usually hold onto them a bit longer. But of course your ads are in an ocean of other ads.

Generate Leads On Demand!

Ugly Yellow Sign Mastery™ contains my cutting-edge strategies that let you instantly generate more leads from any market and get more money to your bank account.... These tips, tricks, and never before revealed strategies are proven to generate thousands of leads for agents who are ready to take the next step to a reliable and predictable real estate business.

The two audio CD's, DVD and 168 Page Manual in this new program will show you how to quickly and easily dominate and "own" your market! You'll pop these CD's into your player while you're driving around town or doing other things and discover how to get more leads and put more money into your bank with less work.

These strategies are based upon principles and formulas uncovered to extract the largest amount calls from every dollar I put into advertising. There's no filler or fluff.

Years of Case Studies... Testing More Than 15,000 Signs

The secrets in Ugly Yellow Sign Mastery™ give you more leverage in all three of the critical areas that will generate for you the largest amount of prospects in your business:

Money-Leverage #1- Getting MORE NEW Buyers to seek YOU out and want to do business with you.

Money-Leverage #2 - Getting a continual flow of BUYERS TO KEEP CALLING you (NOT your competitors!) without spending thousands of dollars and breaking the bank!

Money-Leverage #3 - And get more buyers On Demand! when you want and need them with certainty and predictability.

Ugly Yellow Sign Mastery™ is different than any other marketing course or program you've ever seen. How?

That's simple...

The powerful secrets in this program come from over fifteen thousand signs tested and years of direct marketing experience and education. These strategies are the best-of-the best that have consistently generated thousands of leads for my business. Here's exactly what you'll get with Ugly Yellow Sign Mastery

Here's exactly what you'll get with Ugly Yellow Sign Mastery

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PLUS: 5 Free Bonuses

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Anthony Palerri

I currently use your UYS ideas from your FREE videos and closed 7 homes from these signs. There are currently 25 signs out around the Lexington area generating calls. It is great to show these so called -traditional real estate agents - that you do not need to list homes and make 100’s of cold calls to make a living as an agent.”

Brian Middleborn

I put out 15 signs and received 9 calls. Got 3 clients to sign agreements to work exclusively with me and closed 1 for a 4,782 commission. All this with just what you showed in the free videos you gave away.

Jaco Viljoen

I love how easy and cheap your Ugly Yellow Sign System is. I can see what great power this system has. I can't wait to get out there and put up more of these boards.

Karen Donovan

Ugly Yellow Signs are a better way than all those slick sign companies charge mega bucks for. I feel badly for agents who waste their hard earned dollars when your strategies get the phone ringing. Even my Ugly Yellow Signs in front of my listings get MORE calls than the regular for sale sign.

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